Winery in Germany

Winery in Germany

The fundamental concept called for the construction of a new building, which was to be connected to the wine cellar via a tunnel under the roadway. The root system in the local soil is evident in the sepia-colored monolithic massiveness of the presented plan. The plan also makes references to the work done in the cellar. The breaking down of the façade into two levels results in the creation of a differentiated structure that allows the building to meld into the setting. The building’s sculpture-like design communicates the sensuality of the wine. The noblesse inherent in a good wine is expressed in the festiveness of the ambiance.

The Vintner Cooperative Oberbergen has about 430 members. The land covered in vines spans about 325 ha and has a capacity of approximately 8.3 million liters. The sales room is supposed to become the key element of the new building and the calling card for the Vintner Cooperative’s entire territory. Customers enjoy the experience of being able to shop for wine right at the place where it is cultivated.

On the top floor is a meeting hall for 130 participants, which can be divided into smaller rooms if needed. It is a venue for wine tastings and group catering events.

Visually, the project resulted in the erection of an inviting building, which along with the outdoor vineyards is a landmark sitting right at the town limits of Oberbergen and thus provides the gate to the Vintners Cooperative and the village. Hence, the village is now identified based on its main source of income and the cultivation of wines

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  • Typology:
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Client:
  • Weingut Oberbergen
  • Location:
  • Oberbergen,Germany
  • Gross floor area:
  • 1460㎡