St. Peter and Paul Nursing Home

St. Peter and Paul Nursing Home

The planned LAK nursing home “House St. Peter and Paul” in Mauren, is located in the central town and directly surrounded by an agricultural land. The concept of this building is to connect the elder with more social life. On the one hand, their private life in nursing home is protected, and on the other hand, more common spaces are created which are accessible to all residents, which achieved by the good connection to the central town and also the great landscape.

 The whole building consists of two compact and interdependent cuboidal buildings. In the northeast corner of the site, the building is set back from the Gänsenbach Street, built with an entrance hall. The garden, facing with east, is placed on the southern part of site, and it will be surrounded by the building and also the planned rest home. All common areas are oriented outwards, providing connection with attractive outdoor spaces which has high lingering probability. And the shed roofs integrate with the existing Mauren roof scape harmonically.

Above the ground, the building has three floors. The upper two floors are completely reserved for the nursing home. On each floor, there are two living areas that can be developed, operated separately and independently as individual cuboid building, therefore, there are four independent living areas in total.

Each living area includes 12or 16 habitable residential rooms, formed a patio, providing light to depth of building and visual connections between floors. Corridors and lounges form a substitute of the streets and squares of the community, and also allow the residents to walk around with diverse sights. The common connecting area of two cuboid buildings, is located opposite to the grassland, and served as dining and living areas. They are away from the quiet residential area, inviting residents from each floor to take part in community activities. Through this unique zoning design, the functions of living and common area are fully achieved, respectively.

Each residential room is a complete individual unit. Large windows ensure the accessibility to landscape sights even lying in the bed. Deep embrasures act as seating or storage spaces. Tow connected single rooms can be formed a double room by arranged in cycle.

There is also a library on the first floor, which is accessible for only residents in nursing home, providing a quiet reading space.

Furthermore, the building is more energy efficient, by setting up machine room on the second floor, using ventilation system with heat recovery at each light patio. And every residential rooms in the nursing home are setup with supply and exhaust pipes.

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  • Typology:
  • Residential-/commercial Buildings

  • Client:
  • Liechtensteinische Alters- und Krankenhilfe
  • Location:
  • Mauren, Liechtenstein
  • Gross floor area:
  • 8406㎡