Urban planning for Marburg

Urban planning for Marburg

Design ideas

The planned project leads dialogues with the multifarious spatial structure in Marburg and draws therefrom qualities such as recreation emplacement, visual references and space variations. They are translated in the plan in such a way, that an unobstructed connection of uniquely arranged ensemble with the adjacent urban and natural as well as interior and external spaces can be achieved and recreation places can be set up.

Urban planning

The planned area enclosed by the campus, the upper city and the botanic garden is by nature a connection space. The plan aims for a recreation of a typical “urban space of Marburg”, despite of the current restricted use of the land and topography. On the one side, the narrow transition space between the DDK and the seminar building, which separate two public urban areas, can be upgraded into a fluent connection that allows direct visual references. On the other, the garden to the south is carried forwards creating an exterior space with high quality of stay.

Open space planning

From the brewery area arises a micro campus. Through a location of an adjacent garden in the north, two open spaces can be connected. Thanks to spacious seating steps, the millrace is involved in the conception and made lively to experience. The terrace of DSA is open to the millrace and provides possibilities of stay along with seat steps. The topography in the direction from Pilgrimstein to the campus is accentuated via staircases. Hence, not only a barrier-free circulation of campus can be made possible, but also a pleasant stay with a view over it can be realized. A special attraction is the piazzas, which are completed with delightful greening and sitting edges.

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