Straubenhardt Project has been conceived in response to the escalating urban development in the area, located at the border between Straubenhardt and Pfinzweiler. This undertaking will serve as the gateway to the new railway connection with Karlsruhe and will also accommodate various public buildings for the city.

The project’s primary objective is to amalgamate diverse functionalities and discover innovative means of residing, working, and manufacturing on the same site. To achieve this, the project proposes an underground foundation of production halls, which will support a vast green area, along with residential and multi-purpose buildings. The design will also highlight the importance of Villa Kling, a significant cultural and gathering center in the area, while integrating with shared green spaces.

To realize this endeavor, the project will incorporate prefabricated modules for the halls and double facades for the upper buildings, which will provide support for balconies, photovoltaic panels, and green facades. Such an approach will enable the project to generate the energy consumed and enhance the living spaces through passive strategies.

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  • Typology:
  • Residential + commercial buildings

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